Mogwai: Young Team

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Mogwai: Young Team

Post-rock never sounded so good—and by “good” we mean “loud”

In the case of Mogwai’s debut full-length, Young Team, the emotional picture is a powerfully bleak one. The 12-minute track “Like Herod” introduces a sleepy, rolling guitar figure, which later erupts into a screeching opus of distorted, cresting guitar blasts. Such dynamic contrasts offer the record’s most riveting moments, but the band is careful not to blunt their effectiveness with overuse.

Expect to hear echoes of My Bloody Valentine in Mogwai’s ferocious guitar washes, and—just like Kevin Shields’ contributions to the Lost In Translation soundtrack—the moody ambience of tracks like “Summer” will show you a rain-slick street reflecting back every shade of big-city neon your imagination can deliver. In addition to a remastered version of the original record, this important reissue package includes a nine-track bonus CD that will leave you gobsmacked by how expertly the band reproduces its epic sound on stage.

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