Moses Sumney Releases Extended Version of “Make Out in My Car”

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Moses Sumney Releases Extended Version of “Make Out in My Car”

Moses Sumney—Twitter conversationalist, crafter of extraordinarily haunting songs—released his debut album last year. It’s called Aromanticism, and it’s a bellowing, soulful, bar-setting record within the realms of alt-folk and beyond. One track from the record, the quietly demanding “Make Out in My Car,” clocks in at a snack-sized two minutes and 35 seconds. As is the case with many a backseat make-out sesh, some listeners wished for a longer version. Sumney delivered, announcing via Twitter on Tuesday an extended cut of the song, this one lasting a full four minutes and 34 seconds.

In the original cut from Aromanticism, Sumney sings only two lines of lyrics: “I’m not tryna go bed with ya / I just wanna make out in my car.” Cue the collective “Same” from romantic types everywhere. But, in the new track, Sumney commands a few new verses, hinting at a possible leveraging of desire on the part of one person in the “car.” Make of these words what you will; you can listen to the new track below.

Bloated with movie score-like sound effects, the new version is structured with the same bones of the original. You can hear what sounds like a warped trickling of liquid and the same staccato strings. The song still fades out with some flute (nay, piccolo?) noise, but this time it’s a distorted, lengthier and sneakier version of those winds.

In March, Sumney joined Sufjan Stevens onstage at the Oscars alongside a robust indie chorus featuring the likes of St. Vincent, Chris Thile, Casey Foubert and James McAlister to perform “Mystery of Love,” from the Best Picture-nominated Call Me By Your Name. It was an unexpected delight—and a bit of a contrast—to see the stoic Sumney onstage at Hollywood’s biggest night. We named Sumney one of the best new artists of 2017, and you can revisit our September Best of What’s Next write-up on him right here.

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