Daily Dose: Mundy’s Bay, “Moonlight”

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Daily Dose: Mundy’s Bay, “Moonlight”

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Sensation will always be underrated. There’s no way that we can overstate the importance of our five senses, how much they each individually and collectively inform the human experience. It’s nearly impossible to separate the tactile from the emotional; that’s amazing.

“Moonlight,” the new track from Quebecois indie-rockers Mundy’s Bay, is a celebration of the sensory experience as it relates to romance. “Did you hear that sound / of my heart / when it beats? / It’s shimmering,” singer Esther Mulders croons. Later, she mourns the absence of her partner with the understated, “I can still feel your echo in the room,” yearning for the physicality, rather than the phantom.

The song is wonderfully textured, foregrounding noodling guitars and a steadily simple bass groove over a quavering synth. “Moonlight” strikes an interesting balance between being fragile and durable, a liminal space difficult to occupy. Mundy’s Bay do it wonderfully here, building to a cathartic climax that makes you want to dance with the person you love.

The video for “Moonlight” is likewise layered. Pairing footage of Mulders singing directly into the camera with archival footage and effects that look like if an audio visualizer was on an Atari 2600, the video takes on a sensory experience all its own.

Mundy’s Bay released “Moonlight” to celebrate signing with Pure Noise Records. They’ll be releasing an EP, titled Control Room, tomorrow, June 13, with plans to release a full-length later in 2019. Catch the video for “Moonlight” below, then keep scrolling to see the EP’s details.

Control Room EP Art:

Mundy's Bay EP.jpg

Control Room EP Tracklist:
1. Moonlight
2. What Would It Take To Make This Real?
3. Tell Me Now

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