Nation of Language Share New Single “A Different Kind Of Life”

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Nation of Language Share New Single “A Different Kind Of Life”

Nation of Language returned to share a new song “A Different Kind Of Life,” the first new music since their debut album Introduction, Presence, which dropped earlier this year.

Frontman Ian Devaney says of the song:

This song first started to come together in the early days of the Trump administration, but was never quite finished and got a bit lost as time went by. When the demo resurfaced during the pandemic, the song struck a chord not just in its intended political context but in the context of so many people losing family members, jobs, or any semblance of normality – whatever might be left of it after the past few years. I had seriously hoped that by the time the song came out it would be slightly less relevant than when I first wrote it, but defeating Trump was always going to be just one step in the fight to make the country a more just and decent place. So, no matter what, the core message still resonates with me deeply.

Listen to “A Different Kind Of Life” below. Read Paste’s interview with Nation of Language here from our Best of What’s Next column.

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