Nick Shoulders Announces All Bad, Unveils “Whooped If You Will”

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Nick Shoulders Announces All Bad, Unveils “Whooped If You Will”

Ouachita songbird Nick Shoulders is back with his first album since 2021. Recorded at Mashed Potato Studios in New Orleans and Homestead Recording in Fayetteville, Arkansas, All Bad, which arrives September 8 via Gar Hole Records, is the follow-up to Home on the Rage and begins a new chapter for the yodeling maestro. Lead single “Whooped If You Will” is a hollering affair in which Shoulders pairs doo-wop framework with mid-century country dispositions. Ever the Southern punk, All Bad is a defiant manifesto that takes direct aim at societal failures, ecological destruction, zealot corruption and, of course, delivers breathtaking, thoughtful odes to Shoulders’ home in the mountains of Fayetteville.

“Burnt out or burning at both ends / Impending doom? It all depends / You can’t win them all, but I hope you win a few / Damned if you don’t, damned if you do,” Shoulder sings. It’s a quasi-hopeful, post-chaos declaration of connection and support. Tapping into the survival of his familial lineage, which has been a focal point across his whole catalog, Shoulders offers some semblance of forward motion. Life might just be out to get ya, so count your losses fairly and relish in the sweetest victories. “Whooped If You Will” is another stroke of brilliance for country music’s warbling prince.

Watch Shoulders’ self-directed music video for “Whooped If You Will” and check out the All Bad album artwork (which he also made) and tracklist below.

All Bad Artwork:

All Bad Trackist:
Hoarse Whisperer
Blue Endless Highway
All Bad
Hook Line and Sinker
It’s the Best
Toast First
Arkansas Troubler
Mama Tired
Up the Ouachita
Long Spring
Won’t Fence Us In
Whooped If You Will
Empty Yodel No. 1

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