Daily Dose: Parsnip, “Lift Off”

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Daily Dose: Parsnip, “Lift Off”

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Australian quartet Parsnip have shared “Lift Off,” a new single from their debut album When the Tree Bears Fruit, out on Aug. 30 via Trouble in Mind Records and Anti-Fade. It follows the release of a couple 7-inch records from the past two years.

Maybe it’s not surprising that a young band named after a root vegetable make music that sounds whimsical, but that doesn’t diminish their joyful catchiness. Their new single “Lift Off” has waggish keyboards and jubilant shared vocals, interjecting with colorful shouts of “Ba-da-bup-ba!” Though there’s a childlike spirit here, the theme of wanting to getting the hell out of wherever you are is pretty damn universal. Meshing garage-y guitars, carefree twee-pop vocals and oddball keyboards, Parsnip gallivant in a strange, kaleidoscopic field of punk-pop, and you’ll want to grab your overalls and join them.

According to a press release, their nursery rhyme-inspired full-length When the Tree Bears Fruit is “just over half an hour of absurd, understated energy.”

Listen to “Lift Off” below. You can preorder When the Tree Bears Fruit here.

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