Watch Perfume Genius’ “Some Dream” Video

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Watch Perfume Genius’ “Some Dream” Video

Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas) shared a new music video for his song “Some Dream” Monday, off his recent album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately.

The music video, directed by Charles Grant and Hunter Ray Barker, channels the eeriness of an urban legend in Los Angeles known as “pigman.” Hadreas’ soft voice on “Some Dreams” makes the low-quality footage of the pig mask and scenes of a house on fire even spookier.

Hadreas elaborated on the song’s inspiration:

The song is about the sort of dream world I keep myself in, in order to write. Sometimes I wonder if there will be real world costs for staying there too long. I don’t want to pick my head up after a bunch of years go by and see a bunch of songs but nobody to love.

Watch Perfume Genius’ video for “Some Dream” below. Read Paste’s review of Set My Heart On Fire Immediately here.

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