Daily Dose: Pllush, “Big Train”

The San Francisco band's debut album Stranger to the Pain is out June 8.

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Daily Dose: Pllush, “Big Train”

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San Francisco’s Pllush have mastered the art of hazy harmony, as evidenced on their forthcoming debut record, Stranger to the Pain. The band (formerly known as Plush) have previously released two album singles: the sprawling sentimental rock ballad “Shannon,” and the wailing and screeching “Ortega.” Latest single “Big Train” continues in the same dreamy shoegaze vein, with bolder guitars and even bigger drama.

“Who’s gonna love me more /When I’m crying in the middle of the night?” singer and guitarist Karli Helm asks in the song’s thrilling chorus. “Maybe I’m feeling torn /Cause nothing ever comes out right.”

Listen to “Big Train” below, and preorder Stranger to the Pain, out June 8, via Father/Daughter Records right here.

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