Get Spooked with Post Animal’s “Tire Eyes” Visuals

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Get Spooked with Post Animal’s “Tire Eyes” Visuals

Psych rockers Post Animal have made a name for themselves as one of the most exciting bands coming out of Chicago’s DIY scene since their formation in 2014. The band’s debut album When I Think Of You In A Castle dropped on April 20 of this year via Polyvinyl Records and today, they’ve shared their spooky new visuals for “Tire Eyes,” the LP’s third single. It features the Post Animal boys, some recycled stuffed animals and a whole lot of fog.

The band gets witchy with a creepy candlelit dinner and swinging pendants that they line up next to a bowl of black water, sort of reminiscent of the nine pieces of eight from Pirates of the Caribbean. Despite the track’s title, you can’t often see the members “tire eyes,” as they’re obscured by sunglasses, eye paint or the ever-so-eerie fog.

Post Animal perform a kooky ceremony with the stuffed animals and pendants that releases a green aura over their dining table, thanks to which they become mesmerized.

Watch the video for “Tire Eyes” below and check out Post Animal’s recent performance at the Paste Studio in New York beneath that.

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