Prince Planned to Meet with an Addiction Doctor the Day He Died

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Prince’s premature death mirrored his life in one notable way: it’s been shrouded in mystery over the past few weeks. Today, though, some hard, factual evidence has come to light, as attorney William Mauzy told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that Prince’s representatives had arranged an emergency addiction treatment meeting that would have taken place on the date of his death.

Mauzy, who represents the family of addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld, said that Prince’s people had contacted the doctor the evening of April 20 to set up a meeting that would save the artist from a “grave medical emergency.” Kornfeld, who couldn’t meet Prince immediately, sent his son Andrew, a member of his practice, to discuss a health plan with the musician, only for Andrew to make the discovery that would shock and sadden the world for days afterward: it was Andrew, flown in from Los Angeles, who discovered Prince unresponsive in his Paisley Park home and called 911.

This might be the most tragic case of bad timing imaginable, particularly if the toxicology report reveals that Prince died of a painkiller overdose. That report won’t be available for another few weeks.

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