Ratboys Release New Single “The Window”

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Ratboys Release New Single “The Window”

Chicago quartet Ratboys are back with the title track from their upcoming LP The Window, out August 25th via Topshelf Records. “The Window” reads as a love song for two figures at the end of their relationship, the wish for one last embrace before the ground opens up beneath them. Iterative and determined, caressing and spacious, it holds a special meaning for writer Julia Steiner.

“The Window” describes Steiner’s recollection of her grandfather’s last goodbye to her grandmother—of course, through a window. “A lot of the lyrics are direct quotes of the things he said to her in those final moments,” she says. The track is appropriately pained and adoring, holding the weight of Steiner’s familial grief in its gentle hands.

Watch the video for “The Window” here and read our June profile on Ratboys here.

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