The Hotelier are Hosting a Reddit AMA Tonight in Preparation for Their New Record’s Release

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Given their roots in the Massachusetts DIY scene, it’s not surprising that Worcester rockers The Hotelier place a heavy emphasis on maintaining an active relationship with their fanbase. Frontman Christian Holden still writes an annual “State of the Union” post on their Tumblr every January, and up until last year, the band frequently hosted Reddit AMAs to address current events and how they related to them and their music. Sadly, as they embarked on recording their third album Goodness, fans excitement rapidly grew from passionate to diabolical, with even some of Holden’s friends impersonating music publications in a bid to get early access to the music. So the AMAs ceased, and the band retreated into the silence to finish their record.

As of now, consider that silence broken. Besides streaming Goodness in its entirety on Bandcamp to accompany a recent Stereogum feature, The Hotelier will be hosting their first Reddit AMA in months tonight at 7 p.m. EST to discuss their new record, upcoming tour, and generally touch base with the fans on the status of The Hotelier going forward. Whether you only just now discovered the band and want to know more, or have been desperately waiting for the opportunity to ask Holden why he frequently wears yellow crocs onstage, tonight’s your chance to find out. Just don’t try to impersonate anybody. It doesn’t work.

Goodness will release officially on May 27 via Tiny Engines, and you can pre-order the record here. The Hotelier are also touring stateside up through mid-July with Told Slant, Bellows and Loone, and you can check out the dates for that here. Watch the video for lead single “Piano Player” below.

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