Remi Wolf Announces Juno Deluxe Version, Shares New Single

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Remi Wolf Announces Juno Deluxe Version, Shares New Single

You may remember Remi Wolf’s name from Paste’s extensive coverage of the singer in 2021. Her debut album Juno was even named one of the Best Albums of 2021. Today (May 13), she shares her newest single “Michael” and announces a deluxe edition of Juno, which is out June 3.

“Michael” slows down Wolf’s normal full-speed blend of pop, R&B and funk. Her captivating falsetto accompanies the steady drums and synths that shriek. “Michael” channels Wolf’s grungier and edgier influences, a perfect direction to go with a song about going mad over unrequited love.

The new single was written with Porches and Jack DeMeo. Speaking further on the collaborative process, Wolf shared:

I wrote “Michael” with my friends Aaron Maine (known as the artist, Porches) and Jack DeMeo. It was me and Aaron’s first time working together, and we had both just gotten back from a wild trip to Miami, so that energy carried over into the session. We wrote 3 songs that day but “Michael” really stood out to us. When I was writing the song, I was just free-styling and letting words fall out. The meaning has come to me now after a couple months. The song paints a picture of a manic and obsessed woman who craves the high she gets from Michael’s attention and is willing to delve deep into an masochistic toxic pit to get it. I wanted the video to really paint a picture of this lady running around the city trying to find Michael. We filmed run and gun style in Argentina while I was on tour there, it was a bit of a whirlwind, which in the end added to the mania of the video.

Following a successful small North American tour in 2021, the singer is embarking on a larger headlining tour beginning with some festival dates and a European run. The dates will coincide with the release of Juno’s deluxe edition, which will feature three new songs alongside “Michael” and new takes on the original album’s tracks.

Below, check out the colorful video for “Michael” and preorder Juno (Deluxe) here. You can check out all of Wolf’s upcoming tour dates here.

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