Listen to Robyn’s First New Track Since 2010, the Glorious “Missing U”

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Listen to Robyn’s First New Track Since 2010, the Glorious “Missing U”

Swedish pop songstress Robyn is an expert at crafting melancholy pop songs—tunes you can dance to, groove to and also cry to. Her 2010 hit “Dancing On My Own” is a tale as heartbreaking as they come, but we’ll be darned if we didn’t jump to our feet every time we heard those first few bars of synth.

“Missing U,” the artist’s first new track in eight years, is like that: It’s electronic, streamlined and dance-y, but it’s also deeply sad. “I’ve turned all my sorrow into glass,” she sings. “It don’t leave no shadow.” The glorious dance number, which dropped Wednesday, actually sounds a bit like glass breaking, like a synth-laden mirror hall à la Phoenix’s Ti Amo. You can give it a listen below.

The track is Robyn’s first new piece of solo music since 2010’s Body Talk, an album of feminist tirades and electronic heartbreak ballads like “Fembot,” “Call Your Girlfriend” and the aforementioned “Dancing On My Own.”

“‘Missing U’ is a song about this trippy thing that happens when people disappear,” Robyn said in a statement. “It’s like they become even more clear and you see them everywhere.”

Robyn also misses you, her fans. The track arrives with a companion short film created by Robyn and director Danilo Parra, recounting a recent trip to New York where she reconnected with fans, and you can watch it further down. It’s “also a little bit of a message to my fans, that I’ve missed them,” Robyn said. The feeling is mutual, queen.

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