Roman Candle: Oh Tall Tree in the Ear

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Roman Candle: Oh Tall Tree in the Ear

After three albums, Roman Candle finally explodes.

After three albums, this Chapel Hill, N.C. band has now written a modern-rock masterpiece. Oh Tall Tree In The Ear is part the kind of ragged, sprawling travelogue you’d imagine Paul Westerberg would pen if he was a roadie for Oasis at the height of Britpop, and part barrage of hallucinatory Dylanesque visions vomited up after a boozy, blurry night spent careening down dark, moonlit North Carolina backroads. Roman Candle—brothers Skip and Logan Matheny, plus Skip’s wife Timshel—take us on an anxious journey to self, examining everything, doubting much and eventually striking an imperfect balance of self-awareness and castigation by exploring the small, telling details of sin, redemption and a return to faith in the ordinary.
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