Listen to Rostam Batmanglij and Charli XCX’s “Deadstream” Remix

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Former member of Vampire Weekend Rostam Batmanglij has recently shifted musical directions: in addition to his collaboration with former The Walkmen frontman Hamilton Leithauser, he now produces tracks with pop stars. He’s worked with the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen, and his most recent collaborator is British electropop singer Charli XCX. Charli sings on Rostam’s new remix of electronic artist Jim-E Stack’s song “Deadstream.”

The old track, with its whirlwind of effects, already sounded a bit like a remix. Rostam and Charli XCX’s emotional vocals add depth; shifting beats and electronic layers break the original’s homogeneity and allow the song to move between several distinct tones.

Listen to the “Deadstream” remix below.

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