Exclusive: Sagittaire Announces New Album Saravah Rollercoaster, Shares New Single “Get Back”

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Exclusive: Sagittaire Announces New Album Saravah Rollercoaster, Shares New Single “Get Back”

L.A.-based artist Ivan Mairesse has announced Saravah Rollercoaster, his latest album as Sagittaire. It’s something of a companion album to his debut LP Lovely Music, which arrived earlier this year, and it’s set for an early 2021 release. Mairesse has shared its first single, “Get Back,” exclusively with Paste.

“Get Back” resembles the warm psychedelic vocals and keys of Ulrika Spacek, plus the grandiose pop stylings of the ’60s and ’70s. It’s a gorgeously composed piece that functions as a lively ecosystem—percussive grooves, horns, keys and vocals enter and exit the scene as they please, and it’s bursting with personality.

Mairesse says of the new song:

On “Get Back,” the main idea was to make a song that evoked city life, and the chaos and allure that one finds there. I wanted the vocal phrasing and layers of drones and percussion to match the energy of a bustling, crowded city-street, and that propelled the creation of the piece. Lyrically, as well, I was trying to cram little fragments and scenarios into a pastiche that mirrored the headrush one gets when being swept up into this kind of exciting and overwhelming environment.

Mairesse has a pretty unique backstory. He wrote and recorded over 60 songs between 2012-2019 while living in San Francisco, which helped him process the trauma he experienced as a survivor of a major fire. Back in 2016, he wrote a piece for Billboard about his first-hand experience escaping the Ghost Ship warehouse fire, which claimed dozens of lives. Saravah Rollercoaster took two years to finish, and it was recorded in three different studios, with string, woodwind, brass, marimba and vibraphone accompaniments, plus a senior chorus group.

Listen to “Get Back” below, and purchase Lovely Music here.

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