Daily Dose: Silverbacks, “Dunkirk”

The Irish punks' new single spins a twisted dystopian reality.

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Daily Dose: Silverbacks, “Dunkirk”

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On their new single, “Dunkirk,” Dublin art-punks Silverbacks combat marital strife and boredom via tense, methodical beats and prickly guitar riffs. “My soul was hurt on a private beach in Dunkirk,” intones frontman Daniel O’Kelly, imagining a post-apocalyptic society made up of “frustrated commuters,” “sunken castles and Advil.” According to the band, the track’s hero “struggles to find a unique way to rebel.”

“The song is about a character who is questioning the life they have been dealt,” Silverbacks explain. “They find themself in a near dystopian future where Dunkirk, despite its history, has become a built-up holiday destination for young families.”

Listen to the jagged and menacing “Dunkirk,” produced by Girl Band member Daniel Fox, below.

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