PREMIERE: Listen to Sister.’s New Single “Colorado”

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PREMIERE: Listen to Sister.’s New Single “Colorado”

Today, New York-based trio Sister.—Hannah Pruzinsky, Ceci Sturman and James Chrisman—have shared their newest single, “Colorado.” The song marks the band’s first release since their 2023 debut album Abundance, which was put out by Mtn Laurel Recording Co. last October. Earlier this year, we named Pruzinsky’s debut, No Glory, a Paste Pick. “Colorado” is a gentle stunner, with three layers of guitars coming together to form an elegant blanket of pensive, rapturous soundscapes. With Pruzinsky’s vocals front and center, Sister. surround their singing with an arrangement that only soars upwards—slowly filling in with a full body of zig-zagging chords, synthesizers and dainty drum patterns. “Despite what you thought you knew,” Pruzinsky sings, while their bandmates hum around them, “I’m in your corner. I get emotional.”

“We wrote ‘Colorado’ together,” says the band. “Hannah started with the chords and the line ‘You drive to Colorado and I get emotional,’ and we built it all from there. The idea sprawled from the kind of spiraling out that can take over in the early days of a new relationship where so much is still unsaid and inaccessible. Similarly to putting up a front that you’re okay and not over-thinking something, we wanted the song to initially feel gentle, hiding those feelings of circling uncertainty in the drawn out instrumental sections within layered acoustic guitars, a piano spilling over, glitches in a system. The softness never quite breaks, until it erupts in the outro, when we spiral three vocals around the phrase: ‘Despite what you thought you knew. I’m in your corner. I get emotional.’”

Watch the V Haddad-directed music video for “Colorado” below.

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