Spiny Normen Drops “Arrowhead,” Track from Unreleased 1976 Album

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Spiny Normen Drops “Arrowhead,” Track from Unreleased 1976 Album

Over 40 years ago, a group of drug-enhanced young men from Houston, Texas who called themselves Spiny Normen went into a community college recording studio and laid down a batch of freaky acid rock tracks, entirely free of guile or commercial concerns. Which could be why the group immediately shelved the tapes and never released anything from it.

But as the story usually goes, some music from it has snuck out into the world, with one of their songs landing on the second volume of Riding Easy Records essential compilation series Brown Acid, which collects unheralded heavy rock tracks from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The good people at that label knew a good thing when they heard it, tracked down the band and are set to finally release Spiny Normen’s debut album on March 3rd. See what all the fuss is about for yourselves with this fantastic cut from this dark masterpiece, “Arrowhead.”

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