Statistics – Leave Your Name

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Statistics – Leave Your Name

The first full-length release by Desaparecidos guitarist and Conor Oberst confidant Denver Dalley, Leave Your Name is perfectly produced indie-rock drama. Falling somewhere between guided shoegazing and the soaring anthemic rock of his contemporaries, Dalley bathes his arrangements in a contemplative ether, pairing pristinely shimmering synths with driving guitar distortion and serenely agitated vocals. Though not as lyrically arresting as Bright Eyes or sonically dynamic as Desaparecidos, the detail and nuance of Dalley’s songwriting requires repeated listens but rewards observant ears. Note the perfect balance between electronic and acoustic textures on the driving “Hours Seemed Like Days” or the slowly building layers and intricate counter melody of the meditative “A Number, Not a Name.” But the album’s textures tend to commingle a bit too frequently, with too many tracks arriving at an inevitable guitar climax and a few ending up a bit indistinctive both structurally and melodically.

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