Blues Clues‘ Steve Burns and Flaming Lips’ Steven Drozd Announce All-Ages Album as STEVENSTEVEN


The original host of Blues Clues, Steve Burns, and Flaming Lips guitarist Steven Drozd have teamed up as STEVENSTEVEN to create their debut all-ages album, Foreverywhere.

STEVENSTEVEN’s partnership began back in 2003, when Burns released his first solo effort Songs for Dustmites. Drozd was impressed with what he heard, and the two went on to co-write “I Hog the Ground” for a Groundhog’s Day episode of Jack’s Big Music Show on Nickelodeon.

Now the duo has returned with Foreverywhere, a concept album intended for both children and adults. “We wanted it to be expressive and wistful and dramatic and even tragic in its way, full of themes you don’t often hear in children’s music,” Burns said of the record in a press release.

“Unicorn and Princess Rainbow,” their debut single, does just that as it follows the narrative of a unicorn who falls in love with a guitar virtuoso princess. The song is the first in a trilogy about the legend Burns describes as “Puff the Dragon meets Ziggy Stardust.”

Inspired by everything from 1970s toy commercials to Black Sabbath and Rocky Balboa, Foreverywhere will be released worldwide in February of 2017. Watch the video for “Unicorn and Princess Rainbow” below, and head over to STEVENSTEVEN’s website to download the song.

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