Quiz: SXSW Band Name or Austin Food Truck?

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Finding a good band name isn’t easy. Just ask the guys in Viet Cong. But we noticed a trend while we were in Texas last week that the lines between band names and food truck vendors was getting a little blurry. And that’s after bbq joint Pig Vicious closed up shop. A couple of our friends started playing SXSW Band or Austin Food Truck?, and we decided to take the game to you. There are no gimmies here, as much as we wanted to include Diarrhea Planet. You’ll have to know your stuff to get ’em all. We picked 12 names of either bands playing this year’s SXSW or food trucks in Austin. See if you know your music and mobile cuisine.

*Hat tip to Sean Doyle and Derek Webb for inventing this pastime.

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