Talib Kweli Demands to Know Why Instagram Deleted His Anti-Racism Post

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Talib Kweli has long been known for his political activism, speaking out against racial stereotypes and police brutality. The New York rapper is never afraid to say what’s on his mind, and he’s willing to call out anybody who tries to silence him, including Instagram.

In another effort to take shots at the racist attitudes of certain states, Kweli shared a photo on Instagram this morning of a man waving a Confederate flag and holding a sign that read “Nigger go home,” captioning it “aka states rights.” Instagram later removed the photo on the grounds that it violated “community guidelines.” Kweli reposted the photo on Twitter, demanding to know to why Instagram took it down. “Way to completely miss the point @instagram there’s nothing ‘community’ about hiding your audience from the truth,” he wrote in a separate tweet.