Apparently, Axl Rose Was Once Late To A Concert Because He Was Engrossed In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…II

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Axl Rose had a well-established reputation for being late to gigs back in Guns N Roses’ heyday, but if Alternative Nation’s report is to be believed, Axl really screwed the pooch on one particular occasion.

According to the story, a Tampa radio DJ worked as a promoter at a venue in 1991 and the owner was getting very upset when the GNR frontman hadn’t appeared. After asking countless times what the problem was, the following happened: “Axl’s management said he was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, and that Axl’s attention was 100% on the movie and couldn’t be bothered.”

We’ll note here that the person who submitted this tip got the date, promoter, and venue wrong, but the DJ in question corroborated the story to the publication. Take that as you will.

The real lesson to be learned here is this: Axl Rose has questionable taste in movies.

The original TMNT might be an understandable excuse for tardiness to a concert for which thousands of people have paid a premium to watch you perform. But its 1991 sequel remains, in most minds, terrible. The turtles mostly neglect their awesome weapons, opting instead for fist fighting. The cherry on top of this disgusting sundae, though, has to be this fight scene, set to the infamous ninja-centric performance by Vanilla Ice.

This is a crime against cinema. Then again, it probably isn’t too surprising that Axl was mesmerized, given his propensity for brutal domestic abuse and all-around immaturity.

Let’s just hope that GNR doesn’t get their hands on the upcoming TMNT reboot before their set at Coachella.

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