Tegan and Sara Record “Stop Desire” in Simlish for The Sims 4 City Living

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Following the likes of Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen, indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara have recorded their track “Stop Desire” in Simlish, the native language from EA’s beloved simulation game The Sims.

“It was exciting to imagine singing in a different language,” Tegan Quin told Paste. “We had never done that before. I was very nervous, but I am glad that we saw it through to the end.”

Although it was phonetically spelled out, relearning their song in Simlish posed a challenge for the Grammy-nominated Canadians. “I had a hard time since I know the song so well,” Tegan said. “It was just gibberish to me.”

The duo ultimately overcame these difficulties, crediting the experience as a great opportunity to learn about the popular PC game. The Simlish version of “Stop Desire” coincides with today’s release of The Sim 4’s latest expansion, City Living.

Listen to “Stop Desire” in Simlish via SoundCloud here. You can get your copy of The Sims 4 City Living here.

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