The Avett Brothers Unveil Uplifting Anthem ‘Ain’t No Man’

Music News The Avett Brothers

Despite its title, The Avett Brothers’ “Ain’t No Man” isn’t about how much men suck. It’s more an uplifting anthem about using love to navigate this world. The song is the first single from the band’s new album True Sadness, which is due out June 24.

Recently, the brothers played their first-ever concert at Madison Square Garden, during which they paid tribute to Merle Haggard. On May 3, they will be performing “Ain’t No Man” and other songs off of True Sadness for the first time on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on the Outdoor Stage in Hollywood.

“I think of ‘Ain’t No Man’ as a self-motivating anthem … a kind of currency to buy a little courage when you’re having trouble feeling courageous on your own,” Seth Avett said. Listen to “Ain’t No Man” below:

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