The Innocence Mission – “Look Out From Your Window” Exclusive Video Debut

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The Innocence Mission – “Look Out From Your Window” Exclusive Video Debut

Almost a quarter century before founding Paste magazine in 2002, I was at a friend’s house watching a taped episode of MTV’s 120 Minutes and heard Karen Peris start singing. The music was quiet, lovely and appropriately named—like nothing I was expecting from MTV in the late 1980s. Karen and her husband, guitarist Don Peris, have been making gorgeous indie folk under the moniker The Innocence Mission since before that was a genre. Though the music sounds much the same, it also sounds of-the-moment in 2018—pastoral and sweeping, evoking the beauty of the natural world and the the simple joys of life and of having people to love.

That description is just as apt on their 11th album, Sun on the Square, one of our Best Albums of June, as it was on early records like their 1989 debut or 1999’s Birds of My Neighborhood. We’re excited to premiere the second video from the ablum, “Look Out From Your Window,” animated by Karen, who also made the album’s cover art.

“All I cannot say I hope you know / all you cannot say I hope I can hear,” Karen sings, while her daughter Anna plays viola on the track.

Watch the animated video below:

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