Watch Jack White Tease a Forthcoming Raconteurs Single

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Watch Jack White Tease a Forthcoming Raconteurs Single

In an Instagram video from The Raconteurs posted Friday, Jack White shows off a unique mixing method to help out with the mastering of the band’s as-of-yet-unreleased new album, previewing a snippet of forthcoming single “Shine The Light On Me.”

The single is sure to appear on their first new album in 10 years, due out sometime in 2019, which has been largely kept under wraps until now.

“So this is one of the recording techniques I love to use,” White says in the video, pulling out an FM transmitter gifted to him by Raconteurs bassist Jack Lawrence. White proceeds to explain how he programs the transmitter to blast the in-progress master mix to an unused FM station so that he can then go listen to the mix over his car radio while giving the engineer notes over a walkie talkie.

The video cuts to show White and Lawrence sitting windows down in White’s Tesla, with Brendan Benson chilling out in the back. A snippet of “Shine The Light On Me” can be heard as the trio give mastering notes over walkie talkie.

Check out everything else we know about The Raconteurs’ forthcoming album here.

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