The Staves Share Title Track From Their Forthcoming Album Good Woman

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The Staves Share Title Track From Their Forthcoming Album Good Woman

The Staves have announced their first new album in six years, Good Woman, which will arrive on Feb. 5 via Nonesuch Records. Following the release of “Nazareth” and “Trying,” the trio shared the album’s title track.

The band explains:

We have been working on this for a long time and are thrilled to share the title track. When we think about making this album we think about moments and snapshots of all the different contexts we were in as it was made. Living in each other’s pockets and then living with oceans between us. Of voice notes and field recordings and ideas in emails sent across continents. We think of homesickness and family. Of being an outsider. Of endless notebooks and scraps of paper. Of studios in the winter and recordings under the summer sun. Of rainy London days and long American nights with coffees and beers, dogs, and cats. We think of love. Big, big love. Our Mum. Our Dad. Our friends. And of loss. Death and birth. Womanhood, motherhood. Sisterhood.

Listen to “Good Woman” below, and pre-order the forthcoming album here. Keep scrolling for a snippet from their 2012 Daytrotter session and the Good Woman album artwork and tracklist.

Good Woman Album Artwork:


Good Woman Tracklist:

01. Good Woman
02. Best Friend
03. Careful, Kid
04. Next Year, Next Time
05. Nothing’s Gonna Happen
06. Sparks
07. Paralysed
08. Devotion
09. Failure
10. Satisfied
11. Trying
12. Waiting on Me to Change