The Voidz Release New Video/Single, “QYURRYUS”

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The Voidz Release New Video/Single, “QYURRYUS”

The Voidz have released a new video for their latest Virtue single, “QYURRYUS.”

The latest single is a follow-up to “Leave It to My Dreams,” as the band prepares for the forthcoming release of their sophomore album. With that in mind, the two recent singles are quite different in terms of production and sound.

“QYURRYUS” sounds nothing like any Voidz’s song fans have heard before. In fact, it might be the group’s weirdest and trickiest song to date, as the song begins with light and bright synth-pop/new wave before morphing into this noisy industrial rock/world beat/electronica hybrid. Added to this is Julian Casablancas’ performance that alternates between mumbling and autotuned vocals throughout the song, mimicking states of drug-induced euphoria. The insecurity and doubt from “Leave It to My Dreams” filter into this song as well, as Casablancas repeats the lyric “I’ve lost my spine” in the chorus.

The video matches the song, as it plays like an 1980s, drug-induced hallucination filled with hair and guitar slinging, falling water and a scantily clad woman dancing around a ladder.

Along with the new video and single, Casablancas teased a fake Virtue tracklist (below) on Twitter on Wednesday before the real tracklist (also below) was posted on Apple Music on Thursday.

With two songs on different ends of the experimental spectrum, Virtue seems to be shaping up to be The Voidz’s most eclectic work yet.

Watch the video for “QYURRYUS” and see the Virtue tracklist below.

Virtue Tracklist:
01. Leave It In My Dreams
03. Pyramid of Bones
04. Permanent High School
05. ALieNNatioN
06. One of the Ones
07. All Wordz Are Made Up
08. Think Before You Drink
09. Wink
10. My Friend the Walls
11. Pink Ocean
12. Black Hole
13. Lazy Boy
14. We’re Where We Were
15. Pointlessness

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