They Might Be Giants – Indestructable Object EP

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They Might Be Giants – Indestructable Object EP

They might be funny. But they aren’t nearly as ironic as everyone seems to think. Just because TMBG sings about historical figures and metaphysical birdhouses doesn’t mean it’s fishing for a laugh; in fact, it’s about time TMBG were blessed with a more fitting adjective: smart. Smart about melody, history, pop culture, songwriting and lyricism. Paving the way for the band’s upcoming 10th full-length, The Spine, later this summer, Indestructable Object consists of four Giants originals, including “Am I Awake?,” a paranoid, electronic ode to insomnia, and “Au Contraire,” a typical blend of TMBG’s oddball lyrics and subtle pop songcraft. Throw in a sweet-and-sober cover of Brian Wilson’s “Caroline, No,” and you’ve got a serious little EP by a smart little band.

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