Trash Can Sinatras: In the Music

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Trash Can Sinatras: In the Music

Certainly not Ol’ Blue Eyes

Five years after their last album, Trashcan Sinatras sneak back onto the indie-rock scene with In The Music, choosing—as we’ve come to expect from the Scottish group—an understated entrance rather than an attempt to shake up the music world. The result is an overall pleasant, dreamy album, guilty of the occasional cliché such as, “She fills the room with light” from “Easy On The Eye” and the remarkably similar “I just don’t know what I would do without your light” six songs later, on “Oranges and Apples.” Even the title track, which succeeds briefly with its glorification of the powers of music (“In the music we rise above, we get lost, we get powerful”), gets bogged down with lines about finding purpose in a lovers’ eyes or embrace. In the end, the best of the album is right where its title would suggest: The relaxed folk-pop beats and tight melodies provide character and are a testament to the 20-plus years the Sinatras have been playing together.

Listen to Trashcan Sinatras on imeem.

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