Exclusive: Athens Rockers We Versus The Shark Share Video for New Single “We All Get a Raise”

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Exclusive: Athens Rockers We Versus The Shark Share Video for New Single “We All Get a Raise”

Athens, Ga. rock quartet We Versus The Shark recently announced the release of Goodbye Guitar, their first new album since 2008, and it’s out on June 19 via Ernest Jenning Record Co. They’ve shared two singles from it so far: “Righteous Vibes” and “We All Get a Raise.” Today (May 18), the video for “We All Get a Raise” is premiering exclusively at Paste. The band also shares members of various other beloved groups: Double Ferrari, Bit Brigade, Man or Astro-Man?, Sunwatchers and Modern Nature.

“We All Get a Raise” is simultaneously cool and measured and out of control. Samantha Paulsen and Jeff Tobias’ vocals are satisfyingly paradoxical—Paulsen lends unfazed attitude with her self-assured, smooth vocals while Tobias adds lo-fi shouts for furious urgency. Featuring meticulously-placed guitar notes, buzzing synths and a theme of roaring togetherness, “We All Get a Raise” is proof that this band has plenty more to give.

We Versus The Shark disbanded in 2009 after two albums—2005’s Ruin Everything! and 2008’s Dirty Versions—and per a press release, the band’s reformation happened as a result of guitarist and vocalist Luke Fields revisiting archival demos back in 2015. The band returned to Athens several times in the years since then to work on Goodbye Guitar, which was recorded by their longtime collaborator Mike Albanese (Maserati, Cinemechanica).

Watch the video for “We All Get a Raise” exclusively via Paste below, and preorder Goodbye Guitar here.

Goodbye Guitar Album Artwork:


Goodbye Guitar Tracklist:

01. No Negative Space Rules Forever
02. We All Get A Raise
03. Righteous Vibes
04. I Am Never Going Home For Christmas Again
05. In Reverse
06. Let The Wrong One In
07. Who’s Got The Chrome?
08. We Said No Deadlines
09. The Invincible Hand
10. Crème Brûlée

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