Wet Release the Lively Rostam-Produced Track “You’re Not Wrong”

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Wet Release the Lively Rostam-Produced Track “You’re Not Wrong”

Wet’s sophomore album Still Run is due out July 13 and with it comes the more intense sound the band has been capturing in their latest singles. Friday, Wet released the new song “You’re Not Wrong,” on which vocalist Kelly Zutrau is questioning a relationship, but at the end decides to settle into it.

“It sounded like lots of things I’d written before,” Zutrau said, “but it was sort of sweeter because it seemed more definitive than some of the others. It was like I had been searching for an answer about love and in that moment that I wrote this song I had grown so tired of myself and my ambivalence that I decided to believe in it.”

This new era of Wet sees Zutrau’s voice taking center stage as her past airy, breathy vocals are replaced by the more solid. Looking back, maybe Zutrau wasn’t even pulling vocal punches on that last record, she wasn’t even throwing them yet—her words just floating out. Now, however, she’s bringing more attention to these words. The line, “I try to pull away but you say it’s already home,” stands out on “You’re Not Wrong.”

Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend fame, our 2017 chat with whom you can read here, produced the track and gave it a burst of energy. It was Rostam who sped up the song and gave it the sharp piano bits that demand attention. This also isn’t the first time Rostam has worked with Zutrau—her vocals are featured on the title track of his album Half-Light.

The poppy Still Run pulls Wet away from the wistful sound that radiated through Don’t You and into a more upbeat place. You can preorder Still Run here.

Listen to “You’re Not Wrong” below and find the tracklist for Still Run further down. You can revisit lead single “There’s a Reason” here.

Still Run Tracklist:
01. Still Run (featuring Starchild & The New Romantic)
02. There’s a Reason
03. You’re Not Wrong
04. Lately
05. Softens
06. 11 Hours
07. This Woman Loves You
08. Out of Tune
09. Visitor
10. Love is Not Enough

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