Aaron Rocheleau

Kaja Star: No Place Like Home (Extended Excerpt)

Kaja Star:  No Place Like Home (Extended Excerpt) by Aaron Rocheleau
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fiction Fantasy, Humor
For readers of:Madeleine L'Engle, Ernest Cline, Frank Peretti
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Print Length401
PublisherSpazstic Stories Publishing
Publication DateJune 2015
About the Book

(First half of book sample)

On the day Titus Markava plans to propose, he is horrified to discover that the love of his life is actually a shape-shifting alien man. Before he can recover from the unfortunate news, he is quite literally thrown from Earth onto a different world in a completely different solar system. It's a world where a person might conduct himself almost as well as he conducts electricity. It's a world on the brink of an interplanetary conflict. It's a world of dinosoids, insectavores, and even a cyborg or two. It's a world with CNN... just not quite the same CNN we're used to. Yet even though it is a world where entire planets can be traversed instantly via portals called gates, Titus can't find even one to take to take him back home.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Aaron Rocheleau. I live in West Michigan with my family. I write stories, because exciting adventures are way more fun than call centers and insurance. My stories are fast paced and fun (gotta be able to compete with those newfangled video games and movies). I like to let your own imagination paint the picture.

When I'm not writing, I'm taking swims in Lake Michigan, playing those newfangled video games, and geocaching, which is like treasure hunting, only safer. My house is perpetually surrounded by free range attack chickens that viciously consume everything in their path. Chickens are nature's zombies.

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