Ashley C. Fernandes

Problem Solving, The Fun Way

Problem Solving, The Fun Way by Ashley C. Fernandes
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For readers of:life-skills, How To, self-help, Martin Gardner, Michael A. DiSpezio
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About the Book

General Description:

A self-learning guide, teaching the art of problem solving.

This book use puzzles and games, as tools to teach fundamental skills and concepts.

Intended Audience:

Minimum of high school education.

Anyone needing analysis, problem solving, decision making, skills.

College-level students, NEET’s (Not in Education, Employment, Training), the employed.

The problem solving angle:

Each puzzle/game is considered a problem to be solved.

Problem solving phases – Identification of the problem, Ignoring redundant and irrelevant information, Analysis, Getting wrong or sub-optimal solutions, Zeroing in on the optimal solution (deciding), Implementing the solution, Reviewing your solution (seeking user and stakeholder feedback), Re-implementing a better solution (process improvement).

About the Author

A graduate in Electronics and Information Management from Mumbai, India.

Worked in IT infrastructure and operations.

Worked in the pre-publishing industry. We catered to large print books (for learning and vision challenged individuals) and typesetting mathematical books for offset printing.

The team led by me typeset all pages and illustrated all images, for these books of Prof. Gilbert Strang:

Computational Science and Engineering (ISBN 9780961408817)

Introduction to Linear Algebra,4th Edition (ISBN 9780980232714)

Introduction to Linear Algebra Solutions (ebook; available to teachers, by request only )

Calculus, Second edition (ISBN 9780980232745)

Essays in Linear Algebra (ISBN 9780980232769)

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (ISBN 9780980232790)

My name features at the top of page ix (the fifth page) here:

Enough about me. Let the books speak for themselves.

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