Tristan J. Tarwater

Thieves at Heart

Thieves at Heart by Tristan J. Tarwater
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:Edward W. Robertson, C. Greenwood, Ursula K. LeGuin
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Print Length211
PublisherBack That Elf Up
Publication Date09/28/2011
About the Book

Born in poverty, a half-elf in a human city, Tavera lives in a world where she doesn't belong -- until the day she meets Derk. Initiated into the elite group of self-made scoundrels known as the Cup of Cream, Tavera must choose between loyalty to her father and a place as one of the THIEVES AT HEART.

In this book, author Tristan Tarwater explores the development of a young woman, not as prologue, but as a story all its own -- a story of struggle, survival and loss, of the family we're given, and the family we choose for ourselves.

About the Author

Tristan J. Tarwater is a writer of fantasy prose, comics and the occasional RPG bit. Born and raised in New York City, she now resides in Portland, OR and considers it her home. The Valley of Ten Crescents is her first fantasy series and Shamsee is her first comic. You can find out more about her projects at Her next RPG character will probably be an elf.

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