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Hearth & Home

Hearth & Home by Cate Morgan
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fiction Romance
For readers of:Nalini Singh, Kresley Cole, Karen Erickson, Mina Carter, Moira Rogers
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Publication Date08/30/2014
About the Book

Food writer and former chef Jo Kinney has just one rule when it comes to relationships: business must not be mixed with the personal. The first–and last–time she did, her career blew up like a bad soufflé. So when she’s lured to Montreal to cover the comeback of Chef Ian Michel, it’s not so much an escape as it is a “strategic retreat”. Just one problem: It was Jo who wrote the review that proved so fatal to Ian’s career.

Jo is nothing like Ian imagined. Instead of criticism, she offers redemption. She turns out to be competent and challenging—not to mention downright attractive.

Then he learns she was once a chef herself, and he wonders what stopped her own career short. But Jo won’t let him get close enough to find out.

About the Author

Cate Morgan hails from a long line of Irish storytellers and musicians, so it came as no surprise to her mother when she taught herself to read from the back of cereal boxes at the ripe age of three, and now she’s fulfilling her familial obligations by foisting her stories on an unsuspecting public, She is a proud author of Samhain Publishing, Ltd in addition to pursuing indie publishing.

She resides in Florida with her long-suffering--if supportive--husband, two resident Ninja Katz underfoot, and gators in the back yard.

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