Edwin Tipple

The Girl Takers Part 1 Bombshell

The Girl Takers Part 1 Bombshell by Edwin Tipple
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fiction Fiction, Suspense
For readers of:Travel, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Peter James
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Print Length81 pages
PublisherEdwin Tipple
Publication Date10th June 2016
About the Book

Despair, survival and murder - three things Robin Simmonds never had to think about: UNTIL NOW! His life was going so well ‘till he fell in love; though he was never completely sure about his beautiful, wealthy girlfriend Kat. And after making love one night she dropped her request – more of a bombshell really. Robin was not one the give-up-easily type and so set off on his mission which he hoped would make their relationship stronger. Would he succeed? Would Kat be grateful? His concerns about her, surely, would not come to blight his life. Part 2: The Fall and part 3: Exposed, transport Robin to the other side of the world and unimaginable disasters. Or buy the combined Anti-Trafficking volume where I donate some of my royalties to an anti-trafficking charity.

About the Author

I was born in mid-Cheshire, in the North West of England. I'm retired and was only four years old when the horrific train crash of 1952 claimed 112 lives. Needless to say, I had no idea of it at all.

I became interested in trains five years later and as the years rolled by I got to know a lot about them. My interest in why accidents happened grew and when I learned about the Harrow crash, I was intrigued as to why it occurred; what was the cause?

And that's what Harrowing is all about.

To produce this book - which took me five years - I've had to learn a lot about publishing not to mention writing; that was something I never did master in my school days.

Retirement also brought me to Thailand and I produced my first eBook 'My Thai Eye' which was a humorous take on Thai life. There have been many good reviews and some bad which I'm addressing now in 'My Thai Eye 2', or I might call it 'My Other Thai Eye'. It will explore some of the other sides to Thailand as well as more humorous content. I hope to publish it in the summer of 2014.

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