Ryan Stevens

33 Self-Publishing Tips

33 Self-Publishing Tips by Ryan Stevens
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For readers of:Steve Scott, Barry Davenport, Timothy Ferriss, Serena Richards, Joanna Penn
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Publication Date13th December 2015
About the Book

Self-publishing isn't easy. Nothing is easy.

However, by adopting the right strategies and the right mindset, you can grow faster and smoother. The fundamental idea behind success is consistent action.In this book I will present you 33 tips and strategies which helped me grow my business.

The purpose of this book is to help you understand the most important concepts of running an online based self-publishing business.As a matter of fact, I would have paid a lot of money if someone would've told me what's inside this book.

About the Author

"Success is hidden in your daily routine"

Life can be much broader than you think - you can accomplish a lot more by focusing on one thing - improving yourself.

Ryan is a writer, an author and an online entrepreneur.He started his online journey back in 2012 by working as a freelancer, but he realized that his personal results can grow by working for himself. In 2014 he started a self-publishing business and in 2015 he founded http://entrepreneurenhanced.com where he shares his experience, personal life and goals in a simple, but effective way.

Ryan enjoys reading, swimming, traveling, hiking and he always seeks for self-improvement techniques and skills.

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