Kenneth Michael Jones

Accuracy or Defeat

Accuracy or Defeat by Kenneth Michael Jones
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About the Book

This book finally answers some of the biblical mysteriessought after from the inception of Christianity.


. I believe with my whole heart that God has revealed some things to me that have not been taught to me quite like he has allowed me to see them in my studies and I will do my very best to share them with you exactly as they have been given to me.

I ask that you follow me as we search the scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit of truth to reveal those things that he wants you to know about God and his perfect plan for your life.

If there are things that might be difficult for you to agree with that is ok, continue in Christ Jesus and God bless you. The truth is some of the things that I will discuss in this book is to shine a light on some of the mysteries that you may have wondered about but are not always necessary to continue in salvation; however could be crucial in victorious living.

About the Author

I have been aChristian since I was a preteen however, raised in the church since birth. I asked God for the truth of every biblical teaching approximately six or seven years ago and through countless hours of study and revelatory insight,

I began to see things that were previously veiled to my understanding. I count it a privileged. God did not give me everything all at once but gave me pieces to the puzzle when he felt that I was ready for them. I would gain illumination at various times and many, completely out of order from the last illumination that I had received however, a much needed puzzle piece that would allow me to continue to get answers to some of my many questions.

I have studied the bible in the Greek and Hebrew for clarity. I have notebooks everywhere from moments when I needed to write down something in order to be accurate of what was revealed at the specific moment. What I have written in the book will be found within the bible but might cause one to dig deeper to check my accuracy. I seek that exact response.

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