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Daily Sharpening Exercise PRAYER VERSION (worksheet)

Daily Sharpening Exercise PRAYER VERSION (worksheet) by Lisa Colon DeLay
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For readers of:Henri Nouwen, C.S. Lewis, Brené Brown, Richard Foster, N. T. Wright
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Hi there!

As you are about to find out....A little willing ritualization can help a lot! :)

If you're looking at this you probably are interested in giving your life some structure and improving your progress in spiritual growth. We must be kindred spirits.

I made this one-page worksheet is an easy way to track our progress and make us more mindful. Consistency is key. So commit to at least five days of tracking to see benefits, okay?

This resource gives your prayer life an added richness and I hope you will find it help your spiritual growth!

You seem like the generous type!

Thanks for a tip to say "Thanks, Lisa!" :)

Enjoy and let me know how you did at my website!



A life-transforming PRAYER exercise (worksheet) to complete each Morning and Evening to maximize joy, growth, awareness, and godliness. (This version specifically guides the user through the exercise by using prayer as the centerpiece.)


• Inter-faith compatible.

• Completion time 3-7 minutes each morning and evening.

• Can be adapted for group use to enhance reflection, growth, and accountability. (go for it! This method is awesome)

• Positive change can be seen in 5 days or less.

• Just print and use.


• Stop by my website:

About the Author


Thank you so much for your interest in the resources I've uploaded to Noise Trade. :)

Please tip whatever can. Every little bit helps me create more resources. . .and stop by my website!

Have a happy day.

Warm Regards,



• Lisa (Colon) DeLay has written nearly 2,000 thousand articles and more than a half a dozen books on an array of topics including spiritual formation, personal growth, the science and power of humor, lucid dreaming, prayer and the spiritual disciplines, and in 2015, a long-form children's book in a classic style entitled: "Rex the Boy King" (think: "The Little Prince" or "Where the Wild Things Are").

• She holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation (she speaks at retreats, in classrooms, and in various settings) and a BFA in Communication Design (she creates graphics, art, and directs branding and marketing for clients).

• Visit her website where she writes or releases an audio episode regularly:

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