Lori J. Lawrence

For fans of:Young adult, Cassandra Clare, Lauren Kate, Bella Forrest

Lori J. Lawrence was born in 1979 in a small village between Italy and Slovenia. Having a natural ability for drawing she sets herself in the direction of artistic development and graduates as an art teacher. Her passion is quickly transformed into an eclectic view of life. At the end of her studies she moves to Treviso, a city she falls hopelessly in love with. Fascinated by subtle energies and always seeking an inner evolution, she begins to see the world from a broad and different angle, which allows her to brush the boundary between real and unreal. In 2012 she makes her debut on Amazon as a fantasy writer. Her first saga, TRI, captivates the reading audience and it becomes a best-seller in a matter of a few months. From that moment her passion becomes a full-time job. She thinks of her writing as developmental, because behind every story, between the lines, is a hidden message which accompanies the reader in an ever-increasing evolution.