Marcus Mitchum

For fans of:Watchman Nee, Hudson Taylor, Jesse Penn-Lewis, G.H. Pember, Joseph Seiss

How long have you been saved? Do you still give in to the same old sins that beset you as an unbeliever? Do you feel lost as a believer? Do you have any fruit in your life? Are you tired of going to church every week and hearing the same message? Are you tired of paying tithe to a man who makes more money than you? Do you ever ask yourself why my tithe is not going to feed the poor and hungry? Are you tired of the lies? The word of God is true when it says "The truth shall set you free", but it never says that you will like the truth. Are you looking for teachings that start with the foundation of God's word, and builds upon it "line upon line" and "precept upon precept"? Simple....easy to understand.....and practical lessons for any believer in Christ. We start with milk, and before you know it, you are consuming strong meat. God never meant for you to live a life of sin, but a life of holiness. Is it possible? If it is not, then God is a liar. (1 Peter 1:16 / Matthew 5:48)