Michal Stawicki

A Personal Mission Statement: Your Road Map to Happiness

A Personal Mission Statement: Your Road Map to Happiness by Michal Stawicki
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About the Book


A personal mission statement is the most powerful tool you can develop in your life. By identifying your single motivating purpose and incorporating it into your philosophy, you will have the tools to achieve happiness and success on a daily basis.

I wrote "A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness" to teach you what a personal mission statement is, how to create one and, if you already have one, how to use it effectively.

Unsure of what a personal mission statement is?

A personal mission statement is a compass to guide your life. Though the terrain of your life can change rapidly, using this compass will ensure you always find happiness and success.

Am I an expert in this field? I may not have letters like Ph.D. after my name, but I have discovered the secrets of creating personal mission statements and the amazing power they have to change lives. I have made my own and use it. But, don't take my word, see what this reader had to say:

"You convinced me to review, rewrite and resume my Personal Mission Statement. Michal, I don't know how to thank you. You have given me so much....now to do it. May you be blessed with much more!" - Nina Malinda, Malaysia

I've seen extraordinary changes in my life as a result of following my personal mission statement, and so have many others. You can easily join the ranks of people transforming their lives!

Not just the "how"

There are plenty of resources available online with advice on creating a personal mission statement. In today's world we are overloaded with information, what we need is motivation to actually implement the knowledge we've gained. My book not only shares the "how," but also the "why." Another benefit of my book is that it includes the story of my struggle in crafting my personal mission statement, offering encouragement as you create yours.

6 ways to leverage your personal mission statement - achieve faster results in your life!

If you are an advanced student of personal development, you have your goals defined, you know yourself, your weaknesses and strengths, but you may not have formed a personal mission statement yet - this book can still be useful for you. Check out Chapters 4 - "Chiseling your personal mission statement out of raw material," and 5 - "I have it, what's next?"

This book can be helpful for you even if you already have a personal mission statement, but are not using it. If you made your statement, but haven't begun using it, check out Chapter 5 - "I have it! What's next?"

A personal mission statement is generally written, but if you are more responsive to visual or audio stimuli, I will show how you can use your written mission statement in conjunction with pictures and sounds.

"A Personal Mission Statement: Your Roadmap to Happiness" contains:

  • 27 question sets.
  • 10 mental exercises.
  • 6 ways to put your personal mission statement into use.
  • An inspiring, true story

all in less than 9000 words, so you can begin transforming your life today.

Get started immediately

Download now and take the first step on your very own road to happiness.

About the Author

Michal Stawicki is a busy, working parent of 3 amazing children and husband to one wonderful woman. Michal is from Poland and grew up under communist rule when opportunity was scarce.

His demanding job and long commute had taken its toll. So, Michal decided it was time to change his life, to get healthy physically and financially, to become more connected to his family and spirituality and, most importantly, to follow his passions.

Michal knew he felt a calling to help others, so he set out to change his life and start writing books to share his strategies for living a full and amazing life. He regularly blogs at www.expandbeyondyourself.com and the story of his life’s transformation was featured in the re-release of Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge.”

Michal is on a mission to help busy, working adults reclaim their time, their spirit and their passions!

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