Patrice Hannah

For fans of:Calista Fox, Kate Daniels, Patricia Briggs, Sienna Mynx, Becky Wade

Patrice Hannah is a born-and-raised Jamaican who enjoys the simple things in life. While she absolutely adores children, she's also secretly terrified of babies and plots a hasty retreat whenever she is asked to hold a new-born. Her favourite way to pass time is grabbing a lengthy romance novel (preferably historical), while munching on ginger biscuits beneath the shade of a massive mango tree in her front yard. She wrote her first romance story when she was an 11-year-old 7th grader, won a series of short story competitions and an island wide essay contest at age 9.

She currently resides in rural eastern Jamaica, just a walk away from the beach, where people are friendly and actually tell you "Good Morning" in the streets.