Nice To Meet You

Patrick J. Reilly

Nice To Meet You by Patrick J. Reilly
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Formats Available PDF 6.6MB
For readers of:Jeffrey Brown, Liz Prince, Kevin Smith, Lewis Trondheim, Sam Spina
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Publication DateDecember 10, 2014
About the Book

It's nice to meet you... but is it?

Based on the stand up of Lawson Leong!

About the Author

Hi, I'm a Brooklyn Cartoonist, born and raised! I make comics... My main comic is ME; ME is a monthly comic written and drawn by me, Patrick J. Reilly. It's a comic about Me, writing a comic book about me in a comic book about myself... Trying not to draw dicks...

So, download my books, if you like them follow me on Tumblr and/or Twitter!