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Suit Up: Put on your big kid pants and get ready for your first taste of freedom!

Suit Up: Put on your big kid pants and get ready for your first taste of freedom! by Phillip Larsen
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nonfiction Education, Religion
For readers of:Tony Campolo, Bob Goff, Jon Acuff, Jim Wallis
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About the Book

You are standing on the edge of the cliff that is adulthood, ready to base jump into next adventure. Satan knows the best time to attack is when you are most vulnerable. You are not a kid anymore but not quite an adult. You are about to experience your first taste of freedom. Make no mistake, the attack is coming. There is no way to dodge it. Your only option is to be prepared to through it. Suit Up!"

About the Author

The “about the author” section was one of the harder parts of this project. Most of the about the author sections are in the third person. I am writing my own about the author section. Why would I write it in the third person? It doesn’t make sense.

I live in Oklahoma City with my wife and two daughters. I am a member of West Metro Community Church in Yukon, Oklahoma. I have been a part of this church since it’s inception. I am somewhat of the Swiss Army Knife of WMCC. I have preached on a number of occasions, lead worship, played guitar, managed the children’s ministry, and served as an elder. I could have talked with the pastors at WMCC and come up with some sort of convoluted title that would make me sound important such as Pastor of Aggressive Evangelism or Minister to Emerging and Progressive Communities or Director of Thinking up Craziness. I think it is more appropriate to say that I am a part of this community and use my talents in whatever way I can to advance the Kingdom.

I have a Masters Degree from B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. I have been working on this degree so long that I am sure that the administration at BHCTI are of the belief that I will apply for tenure.

My goal with my writing and everything that I do is to point to Jesus and hope people look in the direction I am pointing.

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