Phillip Strang

For fans of:Thrillers, Lee Child, Tom Clancy, David Baldacci

Phillip Strang was born in the late forties, the post-war baby boom in England; his childhood years, a comfortable middle-class upbringing in a small town, two hours drive west of London.

His childhood and the formative years were a time of innocence. Relatively few rules, and as a teenager, complete mobility, due to a bicycle - a three-speed Raleigh - and a more trusting community. It was the days before mobile phones, the internet, terrorism and wanton violence.

An avid reader since childhood.In his early twenties, the author, with a degree in electronics engineering, and an unabated wanderlust to see the world left the cold and damp climes of England for Sydney, Australia - the first semi-circulation of the globe, complete. Now, forty years later, he still resides in Australia, although many intervening years spent in a myriad of countries, some calm and safe ? others, no more than war zones.